Books To Read

Growth Hacking Books: The Best Titles To Power Your Knowledge

Hacking Growth

Dive into growth hacking with the basics of this new discipline. Discover why breaking marketing norms is essential for business and how being non-traditional is critical for successful growth hacking.

Explosive Growth

Explosive Growth will save you years of toil and agony with its profound examples of business that did not quite make it. Explosive Growth is all about failure.


Uncover the 19 channels you need to build a raving customer base. The hardest part of starting a business is building momentum or traction. Once you gain a solid foothold or customer base, everything becomes simple.

Growing  Happy Clients

Businesses prosper or die on relationships. Growing Happy Clients expounds upon the principles that anyone can employ to create a loyal customer base while maximizing the impact of your business.

Don’t make me think 

Steve Krug meticulously outlines the principles of efficient, high-converting user interfaces (UI). His animated and jocular writing style makes it easy for complete beginners to understand and implement UI best practices on their website.

Secret Sauce

What better place to learn about scaling your business than from someone who started at the very bottom? Secret Sauce originated as a Kickstarter campaign that was able to raise over 100k in sales before it was available.

BAMF Bible

Learn the infamous growth hacking techniques of the BAMF of business scaling and marketing Josh Fechter. Josh is a massive proponent of automation as a critical growth hacking skill.

Growth Hacker Marketing

Nothing beats a good story. Learn all about growth hacking from the tales and anecdotes of well-known startups as told by author Ryan Holiday.

The Growth Handbook

What do you get when Intercom, the chat software company, decides to commission a book? Only a collection of stories from marketing experts who have grown multiple businesses into the billions!

The Paper Plane Plan

Uncover a complete B2B growth hacking strategy in The Paper Plane Plan. Ross Davies outlies, in painstaking detail, a step-by-step approach that anyone can utilize for exploding their revenue and exposure.