VidTao: Your Secret Weapon For Finding Ultra-High Converting Affiliate Offers

by | Aug 22, 2022

It’s official. You decided to start affiliate marketing, and on YouTube nonetheless! How much would you love to have a FREE spy tool that allows you to find hot, trending offers that only a few people are already promoting?

That’s not an actual question. Everyone loves Free tools, especially the ones that work. Have I got something for you to try? Next time you need to do some research on YouTube, use VidTao.

Like most things in life, building the momentum needed for success is always the worst part of any project. It’s especially difficult to justify spending $100/month or more on tools while you embark on the first leg of your affiliate journey.

Yes, the challenge is real. Thankfully there are ways to spend less on tools when getting the ball rolling.

Stick around to learn how you can use VidTao to find the absolute best affiliate offers to promote on YouTube.

VidTao a free spy tool for finding top-preforming YouTube Ads

While haft the battle in marketing is being persuasive enough to convince someone to click on your affiliate link, the other half is the offer.

If the offer is trash, it does not matter how convincing you are. Shit will never shine regardless of how you package it or spin its message. It will always be trash.

Read on to learn how VidTao can help you find offers people are already spending a ton of their own money on. After all, if you know how much someone is spending, you can assume they are making some money from the offer.

Unless they are masochists that love nothing more than wasting their own time and money. Thankfully this is not likely.

Why VidTao? Why YouTube?

Creating great ads is only part of the equation. Video advertising is one of the best opportunities out there today– why not run your ads on the number one destination for video streaming—YouTube?

Bringing ads to scale is never an easy task. You must optimize creatives, ad copy, placements, and other factors that are not obvious before you spend some money.

It makes sense to go where your audience is already hanging out online. With over 1 billion hours of video watched every day– I would venture to say that YouTube qualifies.  

It seems like an easy media buying decision. But, if you are looking to take advantage of the World’s second most used social media platform as part of your media buying strategy, there are a few things you need to consider.

Some Stats About Target Users On YouTube

  1. YouTube is already utilized by 55% of marketers (where you at?)
  2. YouTube is the 5th most used platform by marketers behind Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn and Twitter.
  3. 45% of YouTube Users are Female, and 55% are Male
  4. 73% of US adults use YouTube
  5. On a global scale, YouTube Reaches more 18-19 year-olds compared to any TV network
Important Youtube statistics that all marketers should know.
YouTube Statistics

Average Cost Per View (CPV) On YouTube

On YouTube, a view is considered a view when someone watches 30 seconds of your ad. If your ad is shorter than 30 seconds, a view is counted if a viewer watches the whole ad or interacts with your advertisement.

What happens when the viewer clicks the skip button? You pay nothing!

Your cost per view is an indicator of your ads performance, if your CPV is higher than industry benchmarks, it’s time to reconsider

  1. Creative
  2. Targeting

Here is a little chart of cost per view (CPV) by age on YouTube.

Chart displaying the average cost per view (CPV) by age on YouTube.
Cost Per View By Age On YouTube

Cost Per View By Gender

chart showing the average cost per view by gender on YouTube.
Cost Per View By Gender On YouTube

You can tell by the CPVs, YouTube is not only for advertisers with a huge production budget. Smaller businesses and individuals can still take advantage of this platform to promote their products and services.

I hope my case for advertising on YouTube was convincing. Now that we understand how beneficial it can be to promote your offerings on the second most trafficked website in the World– let’s dive a bit deeper into VidTao and find Affiliate products to promote. 

How to Find Profitable Products to Promote On YouTube With VidTao

In affiliate marketing, a spy tool is essential. Half of success is modeling what’s already working and putting your unique spin on past campaigns. If you want to scale your business– a good spy tool is essential.

Let’s do some research! I mentioned before, VidTao is a free YouTube spy tool. It allows you to search for ads by channel and features an extensive archive of ads that are no longer running.

Think of it like Facebook Ad Library but for YouTube. Let’s go step by step and walk through the process of finding products to promote.

Go Where the Money is: finding Video Content that is Worth Some Cash

500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube Daily. You can imagine, sifting through the monumental amount of content can be a challenge. Thankfully, VidTao offers a keyword search feature letting you find product ideas with ease.

After you crate your free VidTao Account, click the search button under the video research menu.

example of search options for VidTao.

The video research section is broken down into different tabs.

  1. Search—look for ads by keyword
  2. My Swipes—save ads that you think will be helpful
  3. Top Videos—Shows the top videos on YouTube by view count
  4. Top Advertisers—channels and accounts spending the most on advertisements

These features can be helpful when using ads to grow your business. We could spend a ton of time reviewing top advertisers and channels on YouTube. However, I will focus on the search section for this article.

While using VidTao, it has proven far more beneficial to search for affiliate marketplaces instead of offers. If you consider what other affiliates talk about on YouTube, it’s never about one course or service. I’m sure you have noticed the seemingly thousands of titles that go something like this:

“Make 500/day on Clickbank”

“New Free Traffic Method for Jvzoo”

The list goes on.

Search For These Vendors With VidTao

You can search for popular tools and services as well. Keep in mind that to be successful in finding products to sell, you will need to spend some time looking over offers and their related stats.

There are many more. No matter what your ideal customer or audience is into, you can find an affiliate program with products to promote.

But let’s not get distracted. We are trying to find and create high performing ads that generate revenue.

How do you know what ads are already scaling? By estimated ad spend. Take this ad by SEMRush for example.

Vidtao search features toggle.

Notice the two little tabs at the top. The tab on the left shows you the number of views the ad as received. While the tab on the right gives you an estimate of how much the advertiser is spending on this one ad.

Graph of estimated adspend with Vidtao.

It’s safe to assume that advertisers are not fans of taking a wad of cash and setting it on fire. If an ad is performing, driving business results, and their target market responds well, they will pour more money into the ad.

In fact, the amount a company is spending on an ad or creative should be one of your single biggest considerations when deciding to promote the product yourself.

Don’t Forget The Buyers Journey!

However, it is crucial to deconstruct their sales funnel before making any decisions. The goal of any single ad can vary drastically.

One advertisement could be targeting new customers in the hope of collecting email addresses for further follow-up. While a different ad could be designed to retarget people who have visited their website.

A firm understanding of where the ad falls in the buyer’s journey is critical for success. Don’t think you will get many sales from an ad designed to get new email signups, do you?

Forgetting to factor in the stage of the customer journey an ad falls into is a common obstacle some fail to consider. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a physical product or an online course, don’t forget this step!

Conclusion VidTao  

If you struggle to find affiliate offers VidTao can help. Making Money online is not easy.

The sooner you realize that most of the content you consume about Affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and other online business is designed to get the creator paid, not you, the sooner you can embrace strategies that will actually work.

It’s my mission to give you actionable information. You know, the stuff you can actually use to grow an online business. If you find this content helpful, subscribe to my email list.

I send out all kinds of helpful tips, tricks, and software deals that focus on helping you get what you want—the freedom to do what you want when you what with who you want.

Thank you for reading—Go out there and get it!

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