Swipe Right on Advertising: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Tinder

by | Jun 27, 2022

Learn how tinder ads can help you grow your business today.

The infamous dating app Tinder was founded in 2012, targeting a largely millennial audience. Ever since the app owned by Match Group popularized swiping left and right as an indication of dating interests, Tinder has dominated the dating niche of applications. However, generations come and go.

Their new focus is attracting Gen Z to its enticing offers and the seduction swiping.

In 2022, more than 50% of Tinder’s users hail from Gen Z, Born between 1997 and 2012. If you are looking to attract a young set of new customers to your business, Tinder Ads might be just what you need. 

This little journey into the Tinder Ads platform will teach you:  

  1. Why you should use Tinder for advertising
  2. How Tinder Ads work
  3. The benefits of Tinder ads for your business
  4. How YOU can advertise on Tinder
  5. Creating Ad campaigns for Tinder

You might be wondering; how can you get customers to pay attention to your messaging if over 57% of all conversations end in one message.

Also, there are over 1,500 online dating platforms worldwide, why should you use tinder to spread the world about your product or service?  Stick around to find out!

Why Use Tinder Ads? Tinder Statistics

Tinder’s monthly user base exceeds 75 million active accounts, with more than 50% of users between the ages of 18 and 25. The age of over half of Tinder’s users makes it a great place to find a young, dynamic audience.

The genders of Tinder users is comprised of 75.8% Male and 24.2% Female as of March 2021.

Tinder user statistics broken down by gender. 75.8% male and 24.2% female.

Tinder has over 9.6 million paid subscribers as of 2021, meaning that 17% of the app’s user base is paying for the privilege of swiping to their heart’s content.

Bar chart showing the increasing number of paying tinder users by year.

Tinder’s 75 million users represent a third of the global dating app market.

Bar chart showing the market-share of dating apps world-wide.

Tinder ads popped up in 2015, adding yet another means of monetization to the platform. Brands can now place ads between profiles as users swipe left and right. In fact, in 2021, one in ten swipes was on a brand’s advertisement or profile. 

15% of Tinder Users have a post-graduate degree. While educational prowess might not be a strong indicator of attraction on a dating site such as Tinder, however, does hit towards a well-educated audience with discretional income. Tinder is not an advertising platform you want to ignore.

Considering Tinder’s large user base, the distribution of users, and the number of engaged accounts, it’s worth your time researching Tinder ads for your next social media campaign. Let’s take a closer look at the world’s largest dating app to find out if Tinder ads are right for your business.

What Are Tinder Ads?

Tinder has two ad types to choose from when planning your advertising and marketing strategy.

  1. Main-page display ads with a CTA
  2. Interactive advertisements that appear between dating profiles (swipeable)

The interactive nature of the second form of ad can encourage users to engage with your brand further.

How Do Tinder Ads Work?

Tinder ads are bought directly with Match Media Group. Or you can purchase ad space with Google and Facebook’s ad platforms.

On Facebook, leaving the default ads audience network, all ads are shown on mobile apps–including Tinder.

Match Media Group offers several different products and services to meet your advertising requirements. They include:

Tinder Branded Profile Card

Types of ad placements on tinder dating app. Visual example.

Brands can make profiles that are just like the standard user experience. Other Tinder users can match your brand’s profile or get messages that drive actions further down in the sales funnel.

Because these ad placements align with the native content on Tinder, complete with a profile image and description, they are not as jarring as pop-ups or other intrusive advertisements.

A Note On Copywriting For Tinder Advertising

Honey Copy For Advertising And Email Marketing

One of the absolute worst parts of putting ads on tinder is copywriting. In the best cases, writing compelling copy that brings in consistent revenue is VERY HARD!!! 

Copywriting is not just about stringing together a few words to make a sentence. It’s about crafting a message that speaks directly to your target audience, grabs their attention, and compels them to take action. 

It’s about understanding the nuances of language, the power of persuasion, and the art of storytelling.

You need to be able to write in a way that is clear, concise, and engaging. You need to be able to understand your audience and what motivates them. And you need to be able to write in a way that is both persuasive and authentic.

And it takes a ton of time! 

Meet Honey Copy! 

Honey copy is an AI writing assistant. It’s machine learning algorithms have been fed some of the best copy on the planet. And to say it has learned all the tricks is an understatement. 

Utilize their proven formulas to get the best results for your business and copy! 

Decrease the time it takes to write compelling content. Honey Copy is fantastic, not just for advertising on Tinder, but any other ads platform you can imagine. 

Check out the current 1- year offer on app sumo today! 

Tinder Quizzes

Interact with your audience on new levels. Tinder quizzes reflect your brands voice while allowing users to share results on other social networks encouraging others to take the quiz. 

Like branded profile cards, quizzes appear as a native Tinder experience allowing for a seamless experience between advertisement and content.

Tinder is a popular platform. Meaning that content from the app has the potential to be shared widely across many different social channels. Earning you some free brand awareness in the process.

Tinder Native Video Cards

two main categories of ads on tinder image example.

Video is one of the highest converting forms of media. When advertisers promote their products and services, video helps bridge the gap between your brand and your audience.

Video on Tinder is no different. It’s well known by now that the level of engagement with video is higher than images and other less-dynamic forms of media.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more effective medium for spreading your message than video.

Native Display Cards

These ads offer the full range of customizations as a profile. With the additional feature of allowing brands to drive traffic to a destination page with one click.

Native display cards give you a chance to win the favor of your audience with quick messages and witty CTA’s.

OKC In-App Interstitial

A full-screen video ad pops up as users are searching for matches. Interstitial ads harken back to the days of legacy marketing campaigns. However, they are still a viable option for promoting your brand and content on dating platforms.

image showing more examples of tinder ad formats and types.

Standard/high Impact Units

Standard ad units that run on Match, Meetic, People Media, Plenty of Fish.

All advertisements are shown to users who have not upgraded to a premium account. When you consider the highly engaged nature of audiences on dating sites along with the rise of people actively blocking ads with browser extensions, Tinder ads are a great work around in a world of declining reach.

How much does an ad on Tinder cost?

As of this writing, the interest “Tinder” on Facebook ads goes for $0.04 with an average CPM of $6.49. The term has an audience of 20.24M on Facebook across the target audience and related interests.


Benefits Of Tinder Ads

Tinder ads offer many benefits that are hard to find or non-existent on other social media sights and dating platforms.

Let’s explore some of the benefits that come with advertising on Tinder. Digital advertising is evolving faster than ever before. Adding Tinder to your mix of digital ads might be one way to stay ahead of your competition.

Targeting Right Specific Audience

Remember the statistic? 80% of Tinder users are between the ages of 18 and 34. Tinder is one of the most homogeneous platforms around in terms of age. If your brand targets younger people, Tinder ads are a good bet.

Also, ads cost might be a tad bit slower than the other places where all your competition targets the same group of people. You will pay less for the ads served than your competition on other social platforms.

Find A Blue Ocean of Advertising Nirvana

Fake profiles aside, a lot of brands won’t advertise on Tinder. A massive advantage for you. Your advertising budget will go further with less competition for ad space, and you won’t be shouting your message alongside thousands of other brands.

Tinder ads have developed into a well-rounded platform that can drive results for your brand. The digital landscape is becoming packed with more and more advertisers. Most marketers don’t consider dating apps as legitimate spots for ad placement.

Meaning your message can reach your target audience with less resistance and lower costs than other marketing platforms. 

The Peak of Programmatic Advertising

Recently, there has been an uptick in the volume of programmatic advertising on Tinder through Facebook. Over 70% of display ads on Facebook are purchased programmatically. Tinder is an effective way to utilize Facebook’s ad platform.

Facebook has over 10 million advertisers as of q3 of 2020. Tinder is yet another channel these marketers can access via Facebook’s ad platform. Business owners enjoy the benefits of advertising on Tinder with little to no extra effort.

Considering how easy it is for businesses to access Tinder ads, and the number of premium subscribers engaged daily on Tinder, it’s a win-win!

How You Can Advertise On Tinder Through Facebook/Meta Ads Manager

There are two methods for running Tinder ads that fit perfectly with your marketing campaigns.

  1. Facebook/Meta Ads
  2. Google Ads

First, I will review how you can set up a Meta business account and ads manager. Next, I’ll discuss some best practices for purchasing ads on Facebook, and how you can choose the correct placement for getting your advertisements on Tinder.

Step 1: Create A Facebook/Meta Business Account

The only way you can access Facebook ads is through a business account. Meaning you must create a page for the business you intend to advertise.

Creating a Business Page

  1. Long into your regular Facebook Account
  2. From the side bar navigation, choose the pages icon.
  1. Click “Create new page” button.
  2. You will find a screen with a form field to fill out all related information about your new Facebook Page.

From here, you can head over to Meta Business Suite to connect the page to your business account.

After you set up your business account, head over to ads manager.

Facebook Ads Manager For Tinder Ads

Facebook ads manager for Tinder Ads.

Select “get more website visitors” as your goal.

Note that Facebook will choose all ad placements by default. This means your ad will be viewd on desktop and mobile.

Facebook ad formats are suited for Tinder’s interface–you don’t need any special formatting to run ads on Tinder with Facebook ads Manager.

Making The Right Ad For Tinder

Tinder is for people seeking romance, or so they say. If you can relate your content to the reason people use Tinder, finding “love” among other things, you can resonate with your audience on a deeper level.

Pushing the envelope of what is acceptable might be a good idea here. Don’t make ad content considered blatantly offensive by most people. Use your best judgment while being a bit edgy. This is Tinder. Professionalism will seem cold and boring.

Dating is supposed to be fun. No one wants to date someone with the personality of a professional candidate screener. Just like no one will respond to a Tinder Ad that is flat and void of personality.

Creating Descriptions and Copy For Your Tinder Ad

You can target the users who see your ad by interest on Facebook. Here is a complete list of advertising interests on Facebook. These interests include age, gender, location, hobbies, and other related personality characteristics of Facebook users.

Find ads relevant to the dominant demographic on Tinder (18–34-year old’s). You can fine-tune the interests according to your product offering, but this age cohort is a good place to start.

Run Your Ad On the Audience Network For Placement

Facebook ad placement for Tinder ads.

Go with the audience network for your placement option. When you make an ad it will be automatically displayed on “all placements” including Tinder.

Facebook will display your ad across its entire network. However, if you want to only advertise on Tinder, there is one more method you can consider. Google Ads.

Tinder Ads With Google

Facebook is a great platform for purchasing ads. However, Google ads allows you to target specific Apps and not an entire ad network.

First, Create a Google Ads Account

Create a Google Ads Account here.

Make a New Campaign

After you create your account, navigate to the home page and click “all campaigns” at the top left of your screen.

Click the plus button and choose “new campaign”.

Ad Type and Placement

After you start your new campaign, it’s time to choose your ad type and placement options.

Choose the objective you want your ads to achieve. You don’t have to choose website traffic; this is just an example.

Next, choose a campaign type. Set it to display.

Next, choose your campaign subtype. Remember this cannot be changed later. Choose between:

  • Standard display campaign
  • Smart display campaign

The difference is in the level of involvement required to set up and run the campaign. The smart display option requires less involvement in set up and management compared to the standard display campaign.

Targeting Your Desired Audience

Choose the locations where your ad will be shown.

Budget For Tinder Ads

Targeting and Optimization

After budgeting comes targeting and optimization.

Click the last option for Placements.

Choose apps and then search for Tinder.

Check the box for Tinder and your set!

If you need some additional help setting up your Tinder Ad Campaign, here is a link to Google Ads Help Page on showing your ads in mobile apps.


Marketers always get to their audience. Tinder is just another way for you to reach your them. Considering the number of engaged and active users on Tinder, running ads on the platform might be a good fit for your business.

That’s all for now. Hope this was helpful. Enjoy!

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