Searchusers: How You Can Make Money Stalking And Getting Creepy Finding Anyone’s Social Media Account With Just An Email

by | Jun 20, 2022

Finding the right audience is key to successful marketing. There are many reasons you might want to searchusers. You might be trying to find the contact info for a specific influencer or building a list of people you know would enjoy your content.

However, with most things on social media, there are options to choose from when trying to find useful information. Searchusers is one way to find those who are interested in your products and services.

Trying to find social media accounts for your marketing and outreach efforts? You’re in the right place! Here are a few ways to find the data you need.

Is It Possible To Find Social Media Profiles With Just An Email?

Yes. Okay thanks for reading. But really, an email address is usually all you need to uncover That’s right. It’s harder to find a person’s social media accounts than it is to find their email. But it’s still possible. Using a few tools and some know-how you can find all the accounts you seek.

There is a search tool that lets you find social profiles with an email address. These social search engines archive the accounts and activity of social profiles and allow you to have access to their databases.

However, before we go over these search features, let’s discuss if you will get into trouble while uncovering social profiles.

Is Any Of This Legal-Searching users and the Law

Most of the time, finding social media accounts is legal. Because we are accessing publicly accessible information and not private data there should be no issues with the law here.

What is legal?

  • Searching for a friend or family member that you have not heard from in years.
  • Check on neighbors finding out if they have anything shady in their backgrounds.

What is Illegal? Not Cool!

Stalking: cyberstalking or obsessively watching an individual’s online behavior is not allowed under the law. In all legal jurisdictions, it is a crime. Have fun with restraining orders, jail time, and lots of fines if you get caught stalking. DO NOT do it!

Some rules to follow on your info-finding quest

When conducting a background check, you might find some information that is not applicable in a hiring process or other formal procedures. Use discretion when finding contact and personal information.

With all the legal stuff out of the way, I am going to go over a few tools that can help you find social media accounts and searchusers.

Social Searcher and SearchUsers

Social Searcher is a free social media search engine.

They offer real-time social media monitoring and data analytics. Monitor all public social mentions. Search by common names, location names, specific location names, and many other parameters.

Just type in your query to the search screen you’re off!

You can find:

  • Profile search
  • Profile link
  • Username or profile
  • Location based parameters
  • Account based lookup

Overall, Social Searcher is a good option for those trying to find the most up-to-date info about social media trends and topics.

OSINT Framework—Find anything

This site has some great resources for finding contact info. OSINT, or open-source intelligence, is a website that gives you links to all kinds of neat tools! Click on one of the nodes for the topic you want to research and choose a link!

The website is pretty much the motherload for all tools related to intelligence gathering. If you can’t find what you are looking for from one of the resources mentioned here, I don’t know what to tell you.

Some tools have a paid tier. However, most are open-source and free to use if you have the proper skillset. There might be some programming required–oh well, if you want info—go get it!

Use this as a directory for your social account hunting journey. Some tools can get you into trouble if you don’t know what you are doing. Do some research before blasting requests out into the ether will ya? Thanks!

That’s Them Reverse Email Lookup

While some sites are dedicated to search terms, this one is made for finding email addresses and who they belong to.

Find people by email. Because of email popularity, it has become a scammer’s best friend. Most of the time when you don’t know an email address, you run it through your favorite search engine to see what you get back.

But you hardly ever get meaningful results. That’s Them use reverse email look up to tell you who is associated with an unknown email address.

Get instant access to the owners:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • And sometimes education credentials

Check it out to see if you can find who you’re looking for!

Namecheck For User Account Lookup

Find out who if a domain is taken. Over 350 million domains are registered. Don’t waste time checking if a username of domain is available know within in seconds!

KnowEm For Social Networks

Check for the use of your brand, name or username on over 500 social media websites. This tool is made for securing your brand before someone else takes it. It is also a way to find out if a social profile is in use, and who it belongs too. 

Name Checker Find Social Profiles In Use

You can find out if a username is being used across a ton of different social media sites.

Not only is this a free tool, but the number of sites it covers is vast and you get the info right away! Check this out if you need to look up social profiles.

Moving on to Instagram!  

Now that we have covered some methods and tools for finding user info in a broad sense, lets drill down into one platform—Instagram!

Searchusers is something a lot of people are trying to do on Instagram. Be it finding influencers or looking up long-lost friends, there is a need for researching and finding different accounts.

How Instagram Search Users Tools Can Help You

Marketing on Instagram can be a bit of a challenge. Organic reach has dropped by 43%, and 80% of all profiles lost organic reach in 2021.

Because even the reach gains of the “winners” on Instagram are tiny compared to years past, this suggests that a fundamental change on the platform is underway. It’s critical to find accounts that can help your business drive revenue.

Some tools allow you to find users by search term, providing analytics on the terms and accounts you are searching. Searchuser tools can deliver insights into your own Instagram account.

Another use for these tools is monitoring your competition. Instagram search tools can be an ideal resource for understanding what you’re up against. Looking up fellow accounts in your niche will enable you to adjust your social media strategy as necessary.

Conducting a standard search with one of these tools can give you a lot of valuable data. Now that we have established why using these tools is a good idea let’s go over a few Instagram-specific tools to find the users you seek.

Inflact A Marketing Tool Kit For Instagram

Inflact is a multi-purpose profile search tool designed specifically for Instagram.

Search users by keywords, phone numbers, or usernames. Custom filters allow you to narrow down specific searches to find the metrics that matter most. You can select the range of posts and followers that an account must meet to match your search criteria.

Find example online accounts to help you model their success and gain more likes and followers. This tool also has a section devoted to influencers. You can choose the kind or niche of influencer you want to find and Inflact returns all items related to your search.

Inflact is a free resource. The package costs noting. Other than making an account and giving away an email, you don’t pay anything for this service.

Code of A Ninja–Social Tools For Searchusers

Code of A Ninja offers a ton of different valuable tools for online marketing.

Main highlights include:

  • Finding Twitter IDs
  • Getting Facebook IDs
  • Finding Instagram User IDs
  • Generating image color pallets
  • Get YouTube Video Thumbnails
  • Find YouTube Playlist IDs
  • YouTube Channel IDs
  • Find TikTok IDs
  • Online Slugify
  • Facebook Posts ID’s

This tool serves a different function from the one listed above. It has fewer search features but is more direct. The find Instagram ID feature gives you the user ID of any account by username.

This tool is intended for developers and designers. Code Of A Ninja’s basic service is free for anyone to use. However, they do offer paid API plans.

Trend Watchers – Content, Trends, Intelligence

Trend Watchers helps content creators find trending topics with low competition. Trends are broken down by:

  • Long term trend – Trends with consistent interest
  • Rising trends – find trends that are hot right now
  • Peaked trends – trends that have reach the height of their interest
  • Early Trends – trends with the potential to blow up in the future

Use Trend Watchers discovery tool to find keywords with high traffic potential and low to no competition. Enter your query in the search bar and find trending, related topics. We all know that creating relevant content is crucial.

Finding trending topics to create posts about can be difficult. Software like Trend Watchers makes finding topics your audience enjoys super easy. Do not waste time wandering around the internet for content ideas. With this tool, locating content ideas is no longer a total pain.

Trend Watchers has a free plan. Users will receive 3 free lookups a day. If you require more robust research capabilities, AppSumo has a deal. Pay $97.00 and use the Trend Watchers forever. One-time payment, lifetime access. Click here to get the deal.

Toolzu for Instagram Search

Toolzu offers advanced search features without registering an account or giving away personal information. And it’s free.

With Toolzu you can search by:

  • Categories
  • Follower range
  • Gender
  • Username
  • Keyword

The results will show you accounts related to your searched keyword. You get the option to view the account on Instagram or analyze the account’s data.

After you click analyze, you will find a page that displays an accounts:

  • Uploads
  • Followers
  • Engagement rate
  • Average users’ activity

Scrolling down reveals some more useful info.

You will find:

  • Number of posts by weekday and time
  • Most popular post day

Along with top hashtags, top caption words, and user’s interests.

Toolzu is great if you are searching for a specific account on Instagram or if you want to find accounts in a niche or industry.

This tool is great for researching niches and finding topics that you can turn into valuable content.

 It’s totally free. You don’t even have to give them an email address. Don’t skip this one when doing your market research!

Webstagram For Account Analytics

Webstagram gives users account analytics for any Instagram account. After searching for the desired account, users receive a report on the number of uploads and the account’s engagement rate. 

Track the growth of your Instagram account, along with analytics predictions for the future. Webstagram allows you to compare your account’s statistics to your competitions and offers PDF exports of all reports generated.

Get Searching

Using searchuser tools is one way to improve your social media marketing. With the right information, you can make informed decisions that drive growth and fuel progress.

Data is becoming more important by the day. Those who don’t have a strategy for searchusers are asking to be left behind. Find the information you need with these fantastic tools! Thanks for reading.

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