Paid 2 Tap: Your Source Of Easy CASH Or Another Data Harvesting Scam?

by | Jun 30, 2022

paid 2 rap review

According to the FTC, social media has been a hotbed of fraudulent activity, operating with increasing intensity and hostility. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the torrent of scam offers and networks has grown to gale-force proportions.

In 2021, consumers reported losing over $770 million to fraud initiated on social media– including networking/data harvesting scams like paid 2 tap.

While shocking, the dollar amount does not account for misleading or harmful information that led to a misinformed or fraudulent purchase.

Here is a breakdown of letters to companies from the FTC regarding misleading or fraudulent claims by the social media platform.

FTC violation letters sent by social media platform in 2021.
FTC Data About Social Media Fraud

It’s not surprising that scams would infiltrate the world of influencer marketing as well. While social media remains of the drivers of publishing complaints online new schemes like paid 2 tap are close behind.

In this article, I go over what paid 2 tap or tap2ear Is, and how scams like these use your desire for a quick buck to harvest your details and sell them to third parties.

Make no mistake the promotional purpose of websites and apps like these is to harvest your data and to convince your friends to give over their details as well.

With the size and volume of these malicious applications and websites increasing, it is critical that you know how to spot them for what they are—total nonsense!

What Is Paid 2 Tap/Tap 2 Earn? How Bad Could It Be?

Tap 2 Earn is a sales or promotional website that claims to be the world’s number one influencer network. Their stated business model allegedly connects influencers with advertisers making it essay for anyone to make money on social media.

Tap 2 Earn users believe that by signing up and sharing a referral link with family and friends, they will earn $10-$15 for every new account created from their promotion.

Are the alarm bells echoing across the inner reaches of your better judgment yet? They should be. Why would they pay you account signups?

A few things to ask yourself when faced with these kinds of offers include:

  • How are they making money?
  • If it’s free to use what or who is the product?
  • Where are they getting their money from?

If there is no apparent cost upfront, it might be safe to assume that you are the product. Like Facebook, the service could be collecting as much personal information as possible to package and sell to the highest bidder.

A quick peek at their FAQ section reveals some bland advertising lingo attempts to answer the question of the source of their mysterious revenue.

With language like this it’s hard to verify the accuracy of their claims. Is Paid 2 Tap a scam? Let’s find out what others who have used the platform are saying!

Here are just a few reviews from Scam Pulse.

Don’t buy it! Hold on, don’t swipe or insert your card!

Wait, Is Paid 2 Tap A Scam?

Yup. SCAM. It’s concerning that the owner of the site is not a person and that you can find his photo among the millions of other stock photos that taint the annals of the web. However, the one element that should raise red flags in your mind is the ultra-high bonus offered.

Why the hell would anyone pay you $25 for signing up for a so-called service? 

For your peace of mind, don’t use Paid 2 Tap.

While TrustPilot might sing the praises of Paid 2 Tap–this is another scam. One of the first objectives you get the chance to complete is guess what—leave a positive review on Trustpilot. Their duplicity knows no end!

Influencer network scams are becoming more common by the day. They feed on people’s desire for easy money online without regard for the potential damage they may cause.

It’s a data-harvesting operation. Paid 2 Tap convinces you to give away your info in exchange for a false promise of high commissions. Then, you get to pass along the data theft to your friends! The entire point is to collect and reproduce for sale all your info and turn you, the user, into the product for sale.

Is solely to assist in the harvesting of personal information for the use of third parties. God knows who is getting your data at the end!

How Is Tap 2 Ear Suppose To Work?

Tap 2 Earn claims to be an influencer program that generates money by getting referrals to sign up for the program. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, Tap 2 Earn is a data-harvesting scam, and you are the target of their operation.

Paid 2 Tap or Tap 2 Earn entices you with the promise of easy money for sharing their service with your friends and family while they harvest your personal information.

They take data from every has the misfortune to buy into their twisted game.

Once they have your data, all bets are off. There are lots of nefarious actions they can take with your info in hand. Some include:

  • Attempting to breach your online accounts including social media, PayPal and bank accounts.
  • If they cannot get into any of your accounts, they will in all likelihood, sell your data to third parties for marketing activities without your consent.

In any case, the results for you cannot be good. This scam is quite insidious. Playing on people’s desire for more money and a better life truly takes someone of the worst character to contemplate and enact.

What To Do If You Signed up For Paid 2 Tap?

These are some commonsense steps to take if you have been a casualty of this scam. It is not legal advice–don’t take it that way!

Change Your Passwords

If there is even the slightest chance that you used the same information to sign up for Paid 2 Tap that you also use for online banking or anything involving money—Change your passwords. Change your passwords anyway. It’s time, you will be grateful you did.

You might consider randomizing all your passwords to each account. I understand it can be hard to keep up with all that info. Thankfully, there are password managers like Bitwarden to help you out! Not an affiliate link.

Check For Data Breaches

Search By Email Address

Ensure that your email was involved in a data breach. Have I Been Pawned is a great tool to learn if your data is compromised. Have I Been Pawned maintains a database of breaches and lets you search your email address for any potential problems. Again, not an affiliate link!

The sight is great. They are there solely to assist you with keeping your info safe. Great for account protection!

Tell Everyone You Shared The Link With

Tell everyone that It’s a scam! It’s better than letting your friends get recked financially by these deplorable people. Remind them to change passwords and check their email for past breaches.

Marketing Psychology And Paid 2 Tap

All scams rely on similar tactics. Cons have not changed too much over time because human psychology remains mostly the same. While scams have not changed much, the target of these deceitful operations adapted for the digital age.

Sites such as Paid 2 Tap connect with the most primal aspects of our nature, exploiting our innate desire to better our lives for the benefit of their little enterprise. Scammers take marketing psychology and pervert it, using tactics and strategies designed to give value to consumers to wreak havoc instead.

If you are interested in the psychology of scams, I encourage you to watch the video below. I think you will find it enlightening. 

Does Paid 2 Tap Have Any Redeeming Qualities?

Hell NO! Paid 2 Tap is a scam. They will put you through the wringer of surveys, and app downloads, inviting friends to join in the misery and leave you a bit more exposed to ID theft in the end.

This operation has spread like cancer across social media, convincing more people than most scams of its validity. The goons at Paid 2 Tap have done an outstanding job of getting people to believe their lies. They spread false hope and offer nothing for the time you waste pressing submit on another form.

The Worst Aspects About Tap 2 Earn

Downright lies.

“Services” like Tap 2 Earn pray on people’s desire to better their lives by increasing their income in a simple manner. Offering people free money is one way to ensure you get some attention. However, when promises of financial freedom collide with data harvesting, nothing good follows.

Hugh Claims, No Results

Really, $25 for signup? All you had to do was send someone a link—not the most valuable activity ever. What’s worse, Tap 2 Earn fails to pay its users. The better an offer, the more skeptical you should be.

I wish making money online was easy, but it’s not. Earning a living in the digital space requires dedication and effort–like any other profession. There’s just something about the internet that makes people believe that making money should be easy. It’s anything but easy. My advice, learn some tangible skills like:

  • SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Web design
  • Blogging
  • Keyword research

The list goes on. Here, on Nonbouce, I discuss some of the foundational methods and skills that allow people to fulfill their dream of making a living online. Subscribe for updates, the latest blog post, deals on marketing software, and all the valuable data I can find!

Thanks for reading!

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