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by | Aug 15, 2022

Before I started Nonbounce, I ran a small digital agency for local businesses in Texas. Anyone who has needed to get leads on a consistent basis can understand how difficult the task can be. Yes, there are services that you can pay to provide you leads, but most of them get their data from Google anyway.

You can spend hours scrolling through websites and following links in search of contact information, and that’s not even going to get you paid!

After refining my methods for collecting leads, I realized that you could use this same system for selling pretty much anything. It’s easy and only requires a few tools to get going! I want to share with you one way that you could make $500 a day selling a product or service using Spylead and email automation.

Let’s Dive in!

Why You Should Be Using Email For Your Marketing And Outreach

If you have spent time researching how to market your business or online venture, you have probably come across email.  It’s true the ROI of email is $36 for every dollar spent, email is more likely to drive sales than social media.

However, building an organic email list of subscribers takes time, and you want to get results at scale! Enter web scraping! The rise of no-code tools has seen an explosion in the number of email-finding software, all claiming to get the best results and leaving much to desire.

Thankfully a new solution that makes scraping different email sources super easy. Read on to discover what you can do with this tool and how it can grow your business.

What Is Email Scraping Or Harvesting?


Email Scraping Or Harvesting

Email Scraping or harvesting is the process of gathering emails from websites, social media, forums, to make a list of email addresses that is used for marketing outreach and sales.

If you have ever copied and pasted email addresses into an excel file or Google Spreadsheet from a website, you have essentially scraped email addresses.

However, when referring to email scraping, most people are talking about the automated process of gathering data with software tools and bots. The tool we will discuss in a moment is one of these automated collection programs.

How You Can Use Email Scraping To Expand Your Marketing

The ways you can use email to grow your business are only limited by your creativity. I am going to cover a few methods that utilize email scraping to increase the reach of your business, along with a few additional tips!

Cold Email Outreach & Method Of Cold Outreach (Black hat Style)

The method we are about to go over is simple at its core, but there are a few things you must pay attention too. Here is a quick outline of how it works.

  1. Collect emails from Google SERPS Using Spylead Emial Finder.
  2. Export the results to a CSV file
  3. Upload contacts to a Google Sheet
  4. Connect Sheets to for automating outreach process
  5. Send emails and add new contacts

Using Spylead to Collect email addresses from Google Search Results

Spylead Email Finder for collecting contact info for automated outreach and sales.
Spylead Email Finder

Spylead is an email-finding software that makes finding anyone’s email address super simple. You get 20 free credits. After they are gone, they implement a monthly pricing structure starting at $39/month. 

However, Appsumo has a limited time deal. Click here to get lifetime access to Spylead for only $59 Dollars!

Scraping Emails From Google Search Results (SERPS)

After you sign up for an account, click on the “search engine” option in the top navigation menu.

Search for email addresses in Google search results with spylead email finder.
SERP Email Search With Spylead Email Finder

Next, we are going to create our email finding campaign.

There are 4 fields you need to fill out.

  1. Campaign name
  2. Search Queries—you can enter more than one.
  3. Country
  4. Device
Spylead email finder search criteria for gathering emails from search engine page results.
Search settings for Spylead

Enter your criteria for your search and click “start scraping” to start the email harvesting process.

After clicking start, you will be directed to a screen with a progress bar before you get the results from your search.

search progress bar.
Email finder spylead

One of the aspects of the email finder Spylead that I am not fond of is the time it takes to deliver results. It can take up to five minutes! This email finder is a useful tool, but it still has some flaws that could be addressed.

After the search is finished, select all email addresses, and click “download csv”

Export email addresses from Spylead email finder to csv.
Download email addresses as csv

Importing Email Addresses to Google Sheets

Now that we have gathered some contact details, it’s time to move on to the next part of this automation. Import the CSV file to Google Sheets.

The export functionality in Spylead could use some improvements. In Google Sheets, it is possible to import files via URL in some other email scraping software. Not with Spylead. If this is a must-have feature for live Sheet updates, you might want to consider another option. 

Importing the contact list must be done manually. Here is how you can import your Spylead contacts into Google Sheets.

Create a new Sheet and give it a memorable name.

Next, go to file—Import—upload—select file from your device.

import image into google sheets
Importing CSV to Google Sheets

If you plan to automate the process further, choose “append to current sheet” under import options. The automation will automatically send emails to new rows added in Google Sheets. Appending to the current sheet will make the process more streamlined.

Time to start automating!

Automating Email Sending With Make And Google Sheets for automating email outreach with

Make is a no-code workflow automation product. It allows you to simplify and automate tasks that take up lots of time with little return on investment. 

They have a free trial–no credit card is required! 

All you have to do is create an individual or company profile and you’re ready to start automating.

Remember that this is cold outreach. Our potential clients have never heard of us and don’t know they need our offering. Make sure not to get too crazy. Don’t send thousands of emails on your first day.

Cold outreach is a process that requires time, patients, and a bit of practice to get the most out of this automation.

Unlike drip campaigns, where a prospect signs up for future messages from a brand or company, cold outreach is more challenging. The message you send will address a cold audience: your approach must reflect the nonexistent interest of the prospects. A few things to remember.

  1. Keep the message short
  2. Lead with value (how you will help them accomplish their goals)
  3. Try to make emails as personalized as possible.
  4. Make subject lines clickable (build curiosity)

Here are a few examples of subject lines that you can test for yourself.

  1. [First name], there is a better way to do X.
  2. I have an idea on how to improve X.
  3. Have you thought about moving to X?

Write a witty introduction.

After the prospect reads the from and subject lines and clicks to read the rest of your email—half the battle is over. The next 3 seconds are critical. Cold emails should not be lengthy. No more than 2-3 sentences.

Don’t make it about you. It’s never about you. Instead, mention industry news, the recipient’s experience, or their achievements. And remember to keep the focus of your email on the value you will provide the prospect.

Make and Automating Outreach—Creating Scenarios

After creating your account, you will find yourself at the dashboard of this automation tool, ready to turn the mundane task of cold outreach into a simple process that generates results.

Getting make to automate tasks for you is simple. Make use of scenarios to get the job done. The scenario is the overriding automation. You construct scenarios with individual modules that allow data to transfer between applications and services.

For more information on creating scenarios in make, here is their documentation.

First, click the “Create a new scenario” button at the top right corner of the dashboard.

Make Dashboard

After arriving at the scenarios page, click the massive purple plus button–its front and center you can’t miss it!

automated email outreach with make and spylead email finder
Make scenarios page

If you find the gargantuan purple button, you can proceed to the next phase of this automation—adding the Google Sheets module and connecting your account.

Use the Make Addon

Add the Integromat addon to Google Sheets. Installing the addon will make connecting your Google Drive to your account simpler. Trust me.

Learn how to install the addon in this video.

After the initial set up, there is one more thing to do—choose the sheet you want to pull the data from.

Time to move on to adding the Gmail Module!

Adding Gmail Module

The process is like adding Google Sheets to make but you need to pay attention to where the program pulls the subject line and email content from. 

Make will pull the subject line and the content from the Google Sheet you just added in the last module. 

If you are using a personal Gmail @gmail or @googlemail there are a few additional steps that must be addressed. I am not the best person to describe the process. However, click here for a link to make’s website. They have comprehensive documentation about the topic. 

Back to pulling the email content from Google Sheets.

You will need to select the name of the column that stores the subject line and email content respectively.

In this case, the subject line is stored in column O and the email content is in P. You need to choose the corresponding tags in Make that match the column where the data is stored in Google Sheets.


After you get your subject line and content set up—your off to the races. Make will monitor the connected sheet for any changes and send an email to new contacts.

If you want notifications when I release new content, subscribe with your email, or push notifications to get more great info!

Remember to add an unsubscribe message to all the emails you send. This post is for demonstration purposes. I wanted to show you the potential automation has for improving business outcomes. Don’t go getting into trouble now!

Some of the links included in this article are affiliate links. I will make a small commission if you click on one and buy the product. All proceeds help support what I do. Thank you for reading.

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