Niche Research

Researching your niche is the foundation for all your future marketing. Before starting an online business, it is critical to understand the market. Understanding your market is more than finding an audience. To start, make sure you can answer these three questions.

Niche research is learning what trends, intent and messaging will drive revenue. If you don’t make money—your business won’t last long. It’s better to know what will give you the highest chance of success from the start. This is why we do niche research.


Research Questions

  1. How much money will I need to get going?
  2. Where can I be most effective with my marketing?
  3. What return on investment (ROI) counts as profitable to you?

Answer these questions before starting.


Learn more about niche research below.


The Best Research

The best marketing is problem solving. Finding what an audience needs is an effective way to come up with product and business ideas. You can focus on niches that make the most money but for the long-term, it will be easier to go with something you like. I can tell you from experience that money sometimes is not enough to keep you going. Find something you like, you won’t regret it.


Marketing is problem solving


Value is helping others get what they want


Niche Research Process

Find A problem

The fastest way to get results is to help others get what they want. Solve a problem and you have a niche.

Find your Market

After you have a few ideas, it’s time to look at them in a bit more detail. Drop your idea into Google Trends to find out more about seasonality and search interest.

HOw to monetize

From dropshipping to affiliate marketing, there are hundreds of ways to make money online. Find one that first you niche and run with it.

Where to start

Will you use paid ads? SEO? Social media traffic? One traffic source is not necessarily better than any other. It is helpful to choose one to begin with and stick with it

Find your keywords

Brainstorm a list of keywords from competitor ads in Google Search. Industry glossaries and trade manuals. Other websites that focus on your niche (read the headlines of their blog posts).

Find the Competition

One of the best ways to find out what your competitors are doing is to dive face-first into their sales funnel. Not only will this help you understand their marketing, but also how they move traffic into and though their sales process or funnel.

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