Advertorial Examples: A Few Profound Steps For Selling Everything Without Selling Anything

by | Jun 15, 2022

One in four paid ads never reaches their audience. Yes, a full quarter of internet users employ ad blockers, sparing them the “agony” of having promotions rammed down their throats. Today, consumers are wary of advertisements. Why would your ad be any different? After seeing between 4,000 and 10,000 ads a day, why would the 10,001 be any different?  

The overwhelming volume of promotional content in circulation makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd, meaning reaching your target audience can be difficult. Enter advertorials! In this article, I will show you how to write attention-grabbing advertorial content that circumvents ad blockers and resonates with your audience.

What The Hell Are Advertorials?

Advertorials are advertisements that take the form of editorial content.  Advertorials credit the advertiser instead of citing a writer or author of the content.

Great advertorials need to provide the same quality content as a good blog post and showcase the product promoted by the advertiser.

Pretend I am on a marketing and growth team for a SaaS startup. I would write a list post that discusses the top SaaS offerings in my niche while including my company’s product/service in the article.

The goal is to promote my product while giving the reader valuable information independent of my promotional aspirations. Advertorials provide readers with value regardless of if the reader decides to purchase your product or service.

This digital marketing tactic promotes my company’s products and builds brand awareness while educating the reader. Expanding brand voice is yet another side effect of a quality advertorial. When you use this advertising format to its full potential you can increase the visibility of your brand and boost conversion rates. Let’s take a deeper look.

Benefits Of Writing Advertorial Content

Discover the benefits of using advertorials in your marketing.

Advertorials lend themselves to specific forms of marketing objectives. These include:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand Exposure
  • Conversion optimization

Let’s find out how writing advertorial content helps with these three important goals.

Lead Generation and Advertorials

Potential blog posts can prove to be great content to outsource. Because you choose the placement of your content, advertorials are highly targeted toward the audiences that most resemble your existing customers. This targeting can turn tuns of new leads into customers—Fast!

Building An Empire Of Awareness–Brand Awareness

Advertorials don’t often involve recurring costs. Paid ads, social media, PPC, and display advertising require continued investment and monitoring to be effective. When you stop paying, you stop getting new customers.

But advertorials are different. Because they resemble editorial content, the potential for gaining shares on social media is higher, and they tend to stay in circulation longer than paid advertisements.

You won’t have to keep boosting the visibility of your advertorial content with hard-earned profits meaning they can be more cost-effective over the long run.

Advertorials Are Great For Conversion Optimization

How can you give existing users value with your paid content? If you frame creating your paid content around this pivotal question, you ensure that your current customers find worth in your advertorials.

Additionally, viewing the creation of paid content in light of what your current audience will value makes it possible to attract similar people to your marketing funnel.

Have you ever heard that it’s easier to sell to existing customers? This marketing principle applies to paid content as well. If you can find similar prospects that match the characteristics of your audience, it becomes far easier to convert them into paying customers. 

Editorial Vs. Advertorial

learn the difference between advertorials and editorials and how to use them correctly.

The structure of your advertorial depends upon your brand voice and the publication you are writing in. If your brand voice is formal and the voice of the publication is not, you can blend the two tones to form a powerful message that resonates with your new audience.

You don’t want your advertorial to sound like a blog post or an editorial. Strike a balance between the two. Now, I will analyze what makes an advertorial different from a blog post and editorial so you can pen effective marketing materials.

How to write effective advertorial—The Main Purpose

Yes-set opener for advertorials


A strong headline is required. Don’t put your advertorial out into the world without a powerful emotion-evoking headline. Ten-thousand-word articles exist about writing headlines. I will not go into much depth here. However, understand that you need a killer headline.

Opener–Building “YES” Momentum!

The point of an opener is to hook the reader. You want them to finish your article and get to your call to action. One way to do this is the classic sales technique called “Yes-Sets”.

Yes-sets are a series of questions, usually three, that are easy to answer and answered in the affirmative. A function of using “yes-sets” is qualifying your leads. If a prospect does not say yes to one of your opening questions, you want them to click away and not waste any more of your time.

Yes-sets take the form of easy-to-answer questions that cannot be answered without a yes. For example.

We are doing a bit of lead generation for the roofing industry. Our target audience is homeowners who have suffered hail damage in a recent storm. The first question might look something like this.

“Are you a homeowner in the Austin Area whose roof has been pulverized in the recent hair storm?”

The first question would be followed by:

“Have you been getting offers from roofing companies with totally ridiculous terms and estimates?”


“Insurance companies are willing to pay regardless of what they are telling you. Have you found it difficult to deal with these companies?

The last answer hints at a problem that our hypothetical homeowners might be dealing with. We are setting ourselves up as the answer to their troubles.

The introduction is critical. If you cannot hook anyone into the rest of your advertorial, it’s a waste of time and money. The yes-set opening sequence is one method for getting your reader’s attention and hooking them in for the ride. Try it!

A disclaimer

Advertorials only work when you have a good understanding of your audience and their pain points. Take time to research:

  • What are your reader’s problems are
  • What issues are their problems causing in their lives
  • The kind of language they use to talk about their problems

Keeping these three elements in mind while crafting your advertorials will make the process much smoother and lead to higher conversion rates.

Provide Your Reader With Value—Don’t sell Too Much!

No blatant ads. The style of your article needs to reflect a blog post instead of an advertisement. Blog posts are designed to provide readers with valuable information and are not dedicated to selling.

When creating your advertorial, think about ways you can educate, entertain, or inform your target audience.

Misleading Titles Need Not Apply

How pissed are you when you fall for clickbait? I hate it. Make sure that you are sticking to the promise in your title.

Align the information in your article with your title to avoid bouncing checks. Making promises and not delivering on them in your content is one way to lose the trust of an audience—Fast!

Tell A Story

Storytelling should be a given by now in all forms of marketing. Utilizing the properties of the story is not any different when you are writing your advertorials. Stories are great when building brand awareness and communicating your message effectively. The trusted publishers that you will use to place your advertisement use storytelling all the time. Why would you do it differently?

One way to use storytelling in advertorials is to match the story style of the publisher that will be hosting your ad. Matching their style ensures that their readers will be familiar with the format and more receptive to your materials. It will also appear far more authentic than if you did not match their narrative style. 

Let Value Sell For You

Advertorials give you the chance to provide readers with valuable information. Because your goal is to inform and not sell, you need to focus on the benefits of your product or service more than ever before.

I know it’s become a cliché in marketing–focus on benefits NOT features. Yeah, yeah, yeah. However, when writing an advertorial, one of your primary objectives should be NOT come across as if you are trying to sell anything.

Reaching a wider audience requires that you put the salesmanship to the side and drive home the value you can offer potential customers. Your main objective is to edify the reader. Full stop.

If you can successfully provide actionable information, a strange thing happens. You will start to sell more!  A value-first approach is essential for writing powerful advertorials.

If you are having difficulty finding the right mixture of selling and informing, use the 70/30 rule. Meaning your content should be 70% informative and 30% sales oriented. Keep this in mind if you find it challenging to strike the proper balance of sales and info. Advertorials are a great marketing strategy when you use the right amount of education and selling.

Call To Action—End it With a Bang!

If your headline is the first impression designed to drive clicks and engagement, your call to action is the punchline made to get readers to act. In addition to being another opportunity to relate to your audience, CTAs fuel your conversion fire. 

A strong call to action includes: 

  • Urgency provoking
  • Reinforces the value of a product or service 
  • Provides incentives for signing up or converting 
  • Specific to your brand and value proposition 

Native advertising and advertorials rely on strong CTAs to get people to act. If you want to grow your email list, drive sales, or build brand loyalty CTA’s are critical for success with each endeavor. 

How To Use Advertorials To Market Your Business

Advertorial examples are great and all. But how will looking over these bits of marketing content help you deduce the best way to apply advertorials in your business? It won’t. An advertorial sample will do little to help you find the best way to utilize them in your marketing efforts. Let’s review how to use this content in your outreach and engagement.

Will Your Ad Be Seen?

If you have purchased ads on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, you know there is only so much room to convey your message. Take Facebook as an example.

They offer 11 different ad types, but none give you much room to expand upon your messaging and value proposition.

Advertorials allow you to introduce more information to the reader than any social media ad ever could. Because they take the form of editorial content, you get the opportunity to make your case to the reader without the limitations of paid advertisements.

Paid advertorials give you the freedom of article formatting and all the benefits that accompany this form of content. Articles command more respect than advertisements.

Also, because you place an advertorial in a trusted publication, your paid content acquires the impression of a third-party endorsement of your products and services. This phenomenon can lend extra credibility to your message and brand.

Effective Ways To Publish Content Online

Offering free content for online publications can go a long way in getting exposure for your business. Consider guest posting in exchange for links to your website, use white papers and case studies to generate leads, and use stories to communicate your message effectively.

Regular articles do a fantastic job of communicating value to the reader. Along with regular content, advertorials lend their credibility to this time-tested format. Harnessing the power of editorial content in paid format can prove effective when marketing your brand to a larger audience.

The point at which advertorial content is most effective is the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. If your goal is to reach new audiences and expand your brand awareness, advertorials are a perfect fit for contacting those who otherwise would not have noticed you.

Sponsoring an article in a major publication is a good idea. But how do you go about finding these publishers?

Not to worry.

Entrepreneur published an article about the top paid native advertising platforms for advertisers and publishers to garner more attention and awareness.

Some important considerations when choosing the right audience include:

  • The size of the website’s audience
  • The demographics of their audience

Next, it’s time to identify what has worked on their platform in the past.

Finding Successful Content On Publishers Website’s

Advertorials target relevant audiences on well-known websites. However, before you write your paid content, you must know what editorial content has performed well on the site in past years. Content networks are different. Each platform will require extensive research to get the best results for your paid content.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the attributes of high-performing content (images, videos word count)?
  • What type of content got the most links, shares, and engagement?
  • What kind of content does a site feature in its case studies?

There is no need to get crazy! Don’t drive yourself insane trying to reinvent the wheel! Find what has worked in the past and follow the formula. Not only will this be a lot faster, but your chances of success will be greater as well.


Advertorial content might be what you are looking for to grow your brand. When done well, advertorials follow a value-first approach to selling and don’t come across as pushy or sleazy. If you follow the format of those who have successfully used this form of content in the past, there is no reason you can’t see the same success. 

Consider sharing this content if you found it valuable!

Thanks, hope you found this useful. Enjoy!

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